Understanding Knee Pain

Knee is said to be the largest and the most complicated joint. It is used in various purposes like standing up, in walking, sitting, running etc. This joint is weight – bearing joint which bends, straightens, rotates and twists. The risk of acute or overuse knee injuries increases with the increase in the motion. It is the most easily injured part of the body.

Acute knee injuries include torn cartilage and torn ligaments. Falling or twisting of the knee is the main cause of this problem. There are certain sports activities which increase the risk of an acute knee injury like running and jumping, sudden stopping and turning, like, soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis. It also includes contact sports like wrestling, football and hockey which increase the risk of an acute knee injury.

Sudden knee injuries are caused due to overuse which includes tendonitis, bursitis and muscle strain. In this case, initially the pain is mild and intermittent but over the period the condition gradually worsens. In this condition there occur microscopic tears, even the tendons and the muscles are slightly stressed beyond their capabilities. Pain is caused due to inflammation, which is a part of the healing process. It is necessary to treat overuse injuries in the early stage to prevent chronic problems.

Sometimes knee pain may be the result of excess walking, running or jumping on hard surfaces or uneven ground, in case of excessive running up and down stairs.

A common cause of the knee pain is osteoarthritis. This form of arthritis involves degeneration of cartilage. To maintain strength and flexibility of muscles which supports the knee, exercise is vital. It reduces the stress on the knee joint. Person suffering from this problem has to take pain medications.

It is necessary to prevent knee pain by keeping the muscles which supports the knee, strong and flexible. Brisk walk, before you start to run or slow run before you pace up your speed. Please start slowly. If you are going to engage yourself in a strenuous high impact activities like jogging or running, go for walking at least for a week. If, while walking you feels a knee pain than don’t go for walking. Knee exercises are must to avoid the problem of knee pain. Keep your weight under control. Overweight increases the possibility of knee joint pain.

Most of the knee pain is treated conservativelyComputer Technology Articles, but there are some situations in which there is a requirement of surgery. Athletes are at an elevated risk for sudden injuries which requires surgery.

paindocUnderstanding Knee Pain