Muscle Cramp Relief

Muscle spasms, cramps and pain are a common among athletes, dancers, and all those people who are involved in high amounts of physical activity. Whenever the muscles of the body face extreme stress of pressure, they are bound to get exhausted, as a result of which cramps and pain start to occur. This may last anywhere between a few minutes to a few days.

While in most cases these problems occur because of some kind of exercising or some kind of stress on the muscles, there is also a possibility that the deficiency of potassium in the body causes pain and spasms. In both cases, it is essential to ensure that the person does not get involved in further physical activity, and takes adequate amount of rest, so that the muscles can recuperate and be back to normal again.

Whenever you are working out, or are involved in any kind of high level physical activity, it is important to take rest intervals in between. Just working out the muscles does not make a person fit; giving adequate rest to the muscles is also equally important. Stretching exercises should be carried out properly to avoid further such situations, and all physical activities should be carried out under expert supervision only.

Massaging is of great help. Use warm coconut oil or almond oil to massage the affected area, and you will automatically start to feel the relief. In severe cases, some doctors also advise the patients to go in for physiotherapy, so that the muscles can get relaxed after massaging.

For instant relief, hot water bottles work the best. They help in reducing the pain and also help in better blood circulation in the affected area, in order to help the person recover from stress.

Keeping oneself hydrated is also very important in order to ensure recovery from spasms. This is because pain and cramps can occur when you stress out at the gym and are dehydrated at the same time. Water ensures that you get the adequate electrolytes in your body and thus, you don’t get more cramps and spasms.

You can also soak your feet in hot water and put some mustard seeds in it. It will help reduce the pain and will give you relief.

Make sure that you add a lot of bananas in your diet, along with apricots, potatoes, brand wheat, soya and other foods which are rich in calcium as well as potassium. Warm milk also helps the body to get some rest, and is good for strengthening the body immunity and stamina levels too.

Chamomile tea should also be consumed frequently, as it helps to get rid of the spasms.

There are quite a few balms and rubs available in the market which helps to cure the pain. You can also try one of these to get relief. Though it is always good to check with a doctor as to which one of these is safe for use. In case of any other complications, never hesitate to get a diagnosis from an expert.

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