Living With Chronic Pain Conditions

Individuals who suffer with a chronic pain condition knows that it not only affects the body, but also the mind. Sometimes the impact on the mind can be greater than the pain itself.  Chronic pain becomes chronic
woman in pain43when pain does not go away after the normal healing time allowed. Unlike its pain counterpart Acute pain which heals. chronic pain stays around. Understanding more of the dynamics of Chronic pain can improve your treatment and outlook when living with these conditions.

There have been numerous studies that have estimated that nearly 30% of the population suffers with chronic pain. This can cause mental pain such as depression and anxiety in most patients with chronic pain, but this in some sense is natural. When the body is fighting pain all the time, the body becomes tense and can react in the classic, “Fight or Flight Response”. This natural state of mind and body is a reaction that is embedded in all humans and animals. When the body is under stress, we react by either “taking flight” or running, or “fighting”.

Getting stuck in this pattern can add to the pain and suffering. How? If your body is tense and anxiety ridden on a constant basis, usually other problems will occur such as irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic muscle pain, migraine headaches, ulcers, and the list goes on and on. Learning to deal with chronic pain conditions and the repercussions of it is key.

In order to get pain under control, there are many options for people to choose from.


runnersOne of the best methods for breaking pain levels and calming down the “Fight or Flight Response” is EXERCISE. Yes, it is simple. But it creates a greater chemical pain reduction in the human body than most strong pain medications. Exercise, even if just a gradual walk, can make a huge impact on chronic pain. If you’re in pain, there’s a temptation to skip exercising. But exercise is often the very best way to help lessen the pain and improve your quality of life. Just remember to pace yourself and consult your doctor or a physical therapist for advice on which exercises are best for your specific condition.


Medications can help reduce a persons pain level dramatically and can help that person live a more normal life. The strength and type of medication should be determined by an expert in chronic pain. The right medication can make a difference by itself, but when combined with the other two options listed you can transform your life and pain with better odds than just medication alone.


Learning meditation can greatly reduce stress and pain. This can be in the form of yoga or just sitting quiet everyday for 20 minutes. Meditation can be easily learned by anyone. One of the portfolio6amost common methods of meditating is sitting in a quiet place, and only focusing on the breath. When other thoughts occur, it is important to just let them go and focus back on the breath. Meditation and yoga are becoming more popular for all sorts of ailments ranging from high blood pressure to panic attacks.

Want to really give chronic pain a knock out punch?

Do all three in combination…Exercise, Medication, and Meditation.

Stick with all three and you will almost be certain that your pain levels will decrease. No one should have to suffer from chronic pain. But if you doFree Reprint Articles, it CAN be managed!

paindocLiving With Chronic Pain Conditions