Cover Story On Dr. Marjorie Belsky

Enhancing Lives with Compassion and Care

By Debbie Hall

Chronic pain and its management can be all-encompassing and require the care of a board-certified physician with a specialty in Interventional Pain Management such as Marjorie Belsky, M.D. Having practiced for 16 years and now with her own practice, Integrated Pain Specialists, she has enhanced the lives of countless patients through her comprehensive and compassionate care.

2015-Fall-Cover-ArticleDr. Belsky always wanted to become a doctor because of “a love of science and a desire to help and heal people.” Dr. Belsky studied anesthesiology specifically because she “found the combination of various physiologies engaging. It was apparent to me that anesthesiologists save people’s lives and improve the quality of those lives. It is not just putting people to sleep. All elements of medicine are combined in anesthesiology.”

She then developed an interest in interventional pain management, which is a subspecialty of anesthesiology, after her residency because she had an interest in relieving people from chronic pain.


paindocCover Story On Dr. Marjorie Belsky